Online Training: Innovation Manager - Basic Program

Online Training: Innovation Manager - Basic Program

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1.5-day online training to learn the main innovation tasks such as structure, strategy and development of innovation.

In this online training you will dive into the 4 components of innovation management: Innovation strategy, methods & innovation process, innovation structure and innovation culture. You will also learn how to combine these 4 components within a holistic innovation management.

Holistic innovation management means more than just the successful implementation of ideas and their introduction into the market. The House of Innovation developed by LEAD describes the structured and holistic development of innovation management in a company and considers a total of 4 dimensions: Strategy, processes, structure and culture. We create the basis for understanding the House of Innovation and how you can establish a holistic innovation management in your company.

In this training you will also learn how to create your individual innovation strategy with the help of the roadmapping method, what role the innovation past plays in this, how to recognize trends and how to use them in the design of your strategic search fields.

Finally, you will also learn about the LEAD User method in this training: Where does it come from? How does it work? What are LEAD Users? How do you find them? And how can you implement this method in your company?

This training course is aimed at people who are concerned with the strategic orientation of companies with the help of innovations as well as with innovation development and the creation of structures and strengthening of innovation culture in a company.

Your trainers:


Tanja ESCHBERGER_Head of Innovation

Born in Lower Austria. After graduating from the BG & BRG Wolkersdorf with a focus on economics, she completed a Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration & a Master's degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the George Washington University. Professional experience in tax consulting, logistics and cash-in-transit as well as honorary project organization and management. She is Head of Innovation at LEAD Innovation and focuses on agile innovation management via SCRUM.


Julian EBERLING_Innovation Manager

Julian EBERLING_Innovation Manager

Graduate of the Commercial Academy Vöcklabruck in Upper Austria. For a non-profit project in Kenya he worked as project manager and lecturer. At Management Center Innsbruck and Stellenbosch University in South Africa he studied Management, Communication & IT and gained first practical experience with process and business model innovations. After his studies he was responsible for New Business Development at an Austrian IT system house. Since 2018 "Certified Service Design Thinker" he has been pursuing his passion as an innovation manager at LEAD Innovation.


This online training is divided into 3 half-days, each from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

1st half-day: Introduction & Innovation Strategy

  • Introduction:
    • What is a holistic innovation management?
    • Overview of the House of Innovation
  • Theory:
    • Definition of innovation
    • What is innovation management?
    • Types of innovation - what are they?
    • Innovation process - tunnel vs. funnel
    • Innovation strategy - from trends to strategic search fields & the components of an innovation strategy
    • Innovation goals - what goals does my company pursue and how does innovation management contribute to achieving these goals?
    • Roadmap 365
    • Case Study: House of Innovation in companies
  • Case Study: Definition of innovation
  • Case Study: Introducing innovation strategy in companies (LEAD Roadmap)
  • Practical task: How fit is my company in the innovation strategy?
  • Practical tips for the innovation strategy

2nd half-day: Innovation process & innovation development

  • Theory:
    • Which process steps are needed to go from needs and trends to successful innovations?
    • What is Open Innovation?
    • Integration of external actors in the innovation process
    • LEAD User method for the development of innovations
  • Case Study: From search field to breakthrough innovation with the help of LEAD users
  • Practical task: How fit is my company in the methods and process steps?
  • Practical task: Definition of a search field
  • Practical tips for innovation development

3rd half-day: structure, culture and the creation of a holistic innovation management

  • Theory:
    • How must an organization be aligned to being able to innovate systematically?
    • Components of a structure that promotes innovation and roles in the organization
    • The 3 pillars of innovation culture: can, may, want
    • How do we manage to equip the company with the right mindset?
  • Practical task: How fit is my company in the innovation structure?
  • Practical task: How fit is my company in the innovation culture?
  • The combination of the 4 building blocks of holistic innovation management
  • Practical task: Innovation Scorecard
  • Practical tips: Exemplary measures for your company


This online training is conducted via Microsoft teams. You do not need a Microsoft license. The following things are required to participate:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Valid email address
  • Laptop/PC/Tablet/Smartphone
  • Camera
  • Microphone

Participation fee:

EUR 510,- excl. VAT, incl. seminar documents and seminar certificate


This training consists of 3 half-days (each morning), from which you can choose your favorite dates. You can also combine dates in different months. Please let us know your preferred dates after registration.

dates will follow
1st half-day


2nd half-day


3rd half-day


If the dates are not feasible for you, we are happy to provide you with the recordings of the online training courses and answer your questions afterwards. 


Who should attend this training?

This training is for persons who 

  • have newly assumed responsibility for innovation management and want to establish a holistic innovation management in the company,

  • want to know how to define innovation in a uniform way and derive goals,

  • want to systematically plan, control and monitor innovation management.