agile Innovation Methods (EN)
agile Innovation Methods (EN)
agile Innovation Methods (EN)

agile Innovation Methods (EN)

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2-day practical seminar with focus on agile innovation methods.

In our fast-moving times, where projects are under time pressure, highly complex and frequently confronted with changes, agile innovation management offers a solution: through the iterative and incremental method of working, it is possible to react flexibly to possible changes. As a result, project teams can work up to twice as fast in half the time without losing quality.
Everywhere people talk about agile methods. But which methods are suitable for which step in your innovation management? And how are they best applied?

Agile innovation methods: Doing the right thing, doing it right.

Agile innovation methods combine working on the right steps in innovation projects with an agile approach to deliver visible results quickly, work in a customer-centric way and react to feedback and changes in projects.
Doing it right means using an agile approach to prioritize tasks according to their importance to the customer, to have quickly visible results through regular coordination, and thus to be able to react to changes at any time. The agile way of working is modeled on Scrum, but adapted to the development of hardware. Intensive team communication and customer collaboration characterize the agile way of working.

In this 2-day training you will learn new approaches and methods to solve problems in your innovation process. Methods such as Design Thinking, Customer Journey, creativity methods and Scrum will be presented and the meaningful combination of methods will be tried out together in the seminar. 



Tanja ESCHBERGER_Head of Innovation

Born in Lower Austria. After graduating from the BG & BRG Wolkersdorf with a focus on economics, she completed a Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration & a Master's degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the George Washington University. Professional experience in tax consulting, logistics and cash-in-transit as well as honorary project organization and management. She is Head of Innovation at LEAD Innovation and focuses on agile innovation management via SCRUM.

Carlos BELLO
Carlos BELLO_Director of Innovation Iberia

Born in Madrid. He is specialized in management of international innovation projects from Polytechnic University of Madrid and has accomplished an Advance Program in Innovation at IE Business School. He regularly works since 2007 with the European Commission in developing innovation strategies and evaluation of projects. After graduating in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid he studied a master’s degree specialized in Design and Energy Efficiency at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He gained experience working at DRAGADOS and IBERDROLA, managing the european innovation strategy. He has also worked for medium and small size companies leading innovation departments. At LEAD Innovation he is responsible for leading the Spanish and Portuguese business from the office located in Madrid.


Day 1: Basics & agile process
Module 1: Agile Values & Principles
Module 2: Problem Understanding & Definition
Module 3: Idea generation & evaluation

Day 2: Agile mode of operation
Module 1: Prototyping
Module 2: Basic Structure, Roles & Meetings
Module 3: Practical Example - Running a Cycle

Seminar Fee:

EUR 950,- excl. VAT, incl. seminar documents, seminar certificate and catering 

Place & Date:

23rd and 24th September 2020 in Madrid.

Who should attend this Seminar?

The training is aimed at people who want to get to know agile processes and working methods and apply them in practice in order to make their innovation process and the solution of their problems more efficient.

What our participants say about the Seminar?

"A thoroughly interesting day, which revealed many new insights and possibilities. Whatever industry - it's worth it."