LEAD User Method (EN)
LEAD User Method (EN)
LEAD User Method (EN)

LEAD User Method (EN)

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The comprehensive seminar on the LEAD User Method.

The seminar is the fastest way to get to know the theory and practice of the LEAD User Method.

As a participant you will get an insight into the development and the theoretical background of the LEAD User Method, you will get to know successful cases and you will learn by means of practical exercises how to
to specify a search field for the LEAD User method,
Identify and evaluate challenges, needs and trends,
identify suitable LEAD users, and
promote the generation of breakthrough innovations at the LEAD User Conference with the help of creativity techniques.
The LEAD User Method seminar offers you the tools to be active yourself and to apply the LEAD User Method through a balanced mixture of theory, practical examples and exercises.


About the method:

The LEAD User Method was developed by Professor Eric von Hippel at MIT, the Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, in the 1980s.

It is based on the empirical realization that innovations are often not initiated by manufacturers, but that users are often the driving force behind developments. It turns out that these innovative activities are not randomly distributed, but are concentrated on a certain group of particularly progressive users, customers (LEAD users).

The aim of this method, which follows the approach of Open Innovation, is to develop products, processes, services or business models that are particularly close to the market, customer-oriented and geared to the end user.

So-called LEAD users are involved in this development process at the earliest possible stage. These are progressive users or inventors, pioneers in their field, who feel needs before they will have the masses tomorrow. LEAD users benefit particularly from innovation because they are dissatisfied with the existing products or processes on the market and they therefore profit greatly from a new product, a new development, an innovation.


Your speakers:

Tanja ESCHBERGER_Head of Innovation

Born in Lower Austria. After graduating from the BG & BRG Wolkersdorf with a focus on economics, she completed a Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration & a Master's degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the George Washington University. Professional experience in tax consulting, logistics and cash-in-transit as well as honorary project organization and management. She is Head of Innovation at LEAD Innovation and focuses on agile innovation management via SCRUM.


Carlos BELLO_Director of Innovation Iberia

Born in Madrid. He is specialized in management of international innovation projects from Polytechnic University of Madrid and has accomplished an Advance Program in Innovation at IE Business School. He regularly works since 2007 with the European Commission in developing innovation strategies and evaluation of projects. After graduating in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid he studied a master’s degree specialized in Design and Energy Efficiency at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He gained experience working at DRAGADOS and IBERDROLA, managing the european innovation strategy. He has also worked for medium and small size companies leading innovation departments. At LEAD Innovation he is responsible for leading the Spanish and Portuguese business from the office located in Madrid.



Day one

Introduction: Origin, Theory and Practice Case of the LEAD User Method

Module 1: Definition of search field, compilation of an innovation team

Module 2: Analysis of trends and needs, creation of LEAD user profile and generation of analog areas

17:00_End of day one

Day two

Module 3: LEAD User Search

Module 4: LEAD User Conference

17:00_End of day two


Seminar location:



EUR 1.450,- excl. tax, incl. seminar documents, seminar certificate and catering

Who should attend this seminar?

This seminar is aimed at people who

  • want to get to know the LEAD User Method,
  • Want to identify and evaluate needs and trends,
  • LEAD users specifically want to search and find,
  • want to work with analog, related industries and fields of application,
  • want to develop breakthrough innovations quickly.