Advanced Training Innovation Manager - Basic Program (EN)

Advanced Training Innovation Manager - Basic Program (EN)

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The basis for this advanced training are the seminars "Basics in Innovation Management" and "Holistic Innovation Management - House of Innovation".

Two modules (Innovation Strategy and Innovation Development) show you how to define innovation uniformly in your own company or what the right innovation goals could be.

Holistic innovation management means more than just successfully implementing an idea and introducing it to the market. The House of Innovation developed by LEAD describes the structured and holistic structure of innovation management in a company and considers a total of 4 dimensions: Strategy, culture, processes & structure. We create the basis for the understanding of the House of Innovation and how you can build a holistic innovation management in your company.

In this 2-day training you will learn the most important basic concepts and methods of innovation management as well as an understanding of the House of Innovation and the development of a holistic innovation management in your company.

Who should attend this seminar?

The training is aimed at people who have newly assumed responsibility for innovation management and want to establish a holistic innovation management in the company.

Your Speakers:

Michael PUTZ_Managing Partner.

Born in the Salzkammergut. He studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, specialising in entrepreneurship & innovation, market and opinion research. After working experience at SHELL and PORSCHE, he concentrated on innovation management as a study assistant at the Innovation Department of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. In 2003 he founded LEAD Innovation.

Daniel ZAPFL_Partner

Born in Graz. After graduating from the Bundeshandelsakademie in Deutschlandsberg, he gained professional and project management experience in the transport and logistics industry. Due to his personal interest in inventions and innovations, he completed a bachelor's and master's degree with a focus on innovation management at the FH Campus02 in Graz. After positions as project manager, & Head of Innovation of project management at LEAD Innovation, Daniel Zapfl has been responsible for the success of the innovation projects of our innovation partners as a partner since January 2018.


Day 1: Basics in innovation management (Michael PUTZ)

Module 1: Innovation Strategy

Definition Innovation
Types of innovation - which are there?
Innovation process - tunnel vs. funnel
Innovation strategy - from trends to strategic search fields

Module 2: Innovation development

What is Open Innovation?
Involvement of external actors in the innovation process
From search box to breakthrough innovation with LEAD Users


Day 2: Holistic Innovation Management (Daniel ZAPFL)

Module 1: Strategy: What goals does my company pursue and how does innovation management contribute to achieving these goals?
Module 2: Culture: How do we equip the company with the right mindset?
Module 3: Processes: Which methods and process steps can be used to move from needs and trends to successful innovations?
Module 4: Structure: How must our organization be aligned in order to be able to innovate systematically?

Location & Date:

28th and 29th April 2020 in Madrid. 


EUR 1.500,- excl. VAT, incl. seminar documents, seminar certificate and catering