Creativity Methods for Idea Generation and Evaluation, Moderation Techniques (EN)
Creativity Methods for Idea Generation and Evaluation, Moderation Techniques (EN)
Creativity Methods for Idea Generation and Evaluation, Moderation Techniques (EN)
Creativity Methods for Idea Generation and Evaluation, Moderation Techniques (EN)

Creativity Methods for Idea Generation and Evaluation, Moderation Techniques (EN)

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2-day seminar to learn creativity techniques, generate ideas and design workshops.

The planning and execution of innovation workshops is the basis for new ideas, which are later further developed into products, processes or business models. If you are specifically looking for a solution to a problem or a new product, you are well advised to use the appropriate creativity methods. In workshops, the participants focus on the content, collect as many ideas as possible, and want to filter out the best ideas with skill and relatively few resources. Today, moderating these workshops and meetings is part of the everyday life of many managers in projects and lines.

In this seminar the visitors dedicate themselves actively to the learning of creativity techniques and experience not only, how one generates ideas, but also correctly evaluated and selected for the further treatment. You will also receive valuable tips on moderating and designing creativity workshops.

Your speakers: 


Tanja ESCHBERGER_Head of Innovation

Born in Lower Austria. After graduating from the BG & BRG Wolkersdorf with a focus on economics, she completed a Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration & a Master's degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the George Washington University. Professional experience in tax consulting, logistics and cash-in-transit as well as honorary project organization and management. She is Head of Innovation at LEAD Innovation and focuses on agile innovation management via SCRUM.

Carlos BELLO

Carlos BELLO_Director of Innovation

Born in Madrid. He is specialized in management of international innovation projects from Polytechnic University of Madrid and has accomplished an Advance Program in Innovation at IE Business School. He regularly works since 2007 with the European Commission in developing innovation strategies and evaluation of projects. After graduating in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid he studied a master’s degree specialized in Design and Energy Efficiency at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He gained experience working at DRAGADOS and IBERDROLA, managing the european innovation strategy. He has also worked for medium and small size companies leading innovation departments. At LEAD Innovation he is responsible for leading the Spanish and Portuguese business from the office located in Madrid.


Warm-up & introduction to the topic

  • Intro
  • Goals and expectations
  • Theory: Creativity in the company

Creativity techniques: Generating ideas

  • Blind storming
  • Nagging & perfect solution
  • intergalactic thinking
  • etc.

Idea evaluation: Select ideas

  • Theory: Pitch of an idea and evaluation methods
  • Test valuation methods interactively

Prototyping: Visualizing ideas

  • Methods for prototyping different types of innovation
  • experience mapping
  • Storyboard

Creativity techniques: Generating ideas (additional methods for generating ideas, selection based on the needs of the seminar participants)

  • Inspiration through colour
  • Irritating pictures
  • Questions of stimulus
  • Headstand technique
  • Semantic Intuition
  • wall writing
  • 6-3-5

Workshop planning: Development of a workshop concept

  • Building an agenda
  • Moderation: Tips & Tricks

Seminar location & Date:

29th and 30th of September 2020 in Madrid

Seminar Fee:

EUR 950,- excl. VAT, incl. seminar documents, seminar certificate and catering

Who should attend this seminar?

This seminar is aimed at people who

  • want to learn creativity techniques,
  • generate and evaluate numerous ideas,
  • Design and moderate workshops and meetings,
  • want to filter the best ideas with few resources,
  • want to learn the right moderation in the company in project and line.

What people say about our Seminar:

"During this seminar we got to know 12 creativity techniques and practiced them with practical examples. It was very inspiring and exciting to combine these techniques. Very good moderation with valuable suggestions for my daily work!"

Holger Bienerth, Corporate Innovation Development, Wacker Chemie AG